Playing games is not only fun but also a great way to learn. Sato Code enables participants to see a city or even their hometown in a different perspective. It can be played during field trips, excursions, school camps, or end-of-year trips – whether it's during the day or at night. Teachers and organizers who have selected our escape game for their school class, club, or organization have consistently provided us with enthusiastic feedback.

Why play Sato Code?

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Problem Solving & logical thinking

Uncovering information alone is not enough, the key is connecting the dots and piecing together the puzzle

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Communication & Team play

Each player gets only a piece of the puzzle: communication is crucial within the team

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Positive use of technology

In Sato Code, the technology brings people together and creates a real-world experience.

PDF information about Sato Code to download

How it works

Your group will divide into teams of up to 4 players. All players must have the Sato Code app on their phone and an internet connection – please contact us if this is not the case. The app provides information and hints as needed to help each team reach the end of the game. Sato Code is available in English, German, and Italian. For further information, please download the PDF guide and consult the FAQ.

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How to book

Please let us know the date you would like to book, we will reserve it for you with no obligation. Once you confirm the booking, we will send you the tickets and invoice. You can cancel the booking at any time without penalties. Contact us to take advantage of the school discount!

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Get an offer and reserver a date with no obligation

Don't hesitate to reach out to us with any questions you may have that are not covered in our FAQ section, which is dedicated to our escape game for schools, clubs, and organizations. We will respond within 24 hours. Book your slot today without any obligations!

Where is Sato Code available?

Discover the available cities in Switzerland and Italy. Check out our full list and stay in the loop by following us on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter to find out about new locations.

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More questions?

What's the price and minimum recommended age to play? Do all students need a smartphone? You'll find all the answers in the FAQ dedicated to schools, clubs & organizations.

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Sato Code news!

We're going to let you know when new games come out and share interesting insights about the world of Sato Code!

Sato Code

Sato Code is the escape room across the city, that can be played in many cities in Italy such as Bergamo, Como, Varese, Lecco, Brescia, Pavia and Padova and in Switzerland: Lugano, Locarno, Bellinzona, Zürich , Zug and Bremgarten – and more to come soon.

Our escape game is the evolution of the classical escape room. Based on characteristic elements of indoors escape rooms, as riddles and puzzles, but enhancing the game with features of a treasure hunt, city escape and geocaching. Peering around every street corner for clues, you'll feel like you're in a movie!

Every player needs a smartphone or tablet and will receive bits of different and complementary information – a multiplayer game. Our escape room across the city can be played at any time without reservation, being self-guided. However, this is not just a digital escape game, but a real-life game!

Sato Code is great to be played among friends or family, or even just as a couple. Are you visiting a city? Then enjoy Sato Code as a very special walking tour. But our escape room game is also ideal for more than 10 people – even up to 50. So birthdays, bachelor and bachelorette parties or team-building events are perfect occasions too to play the best escape game out there.

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