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Frequently Asked Questions

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When and Where

Which are the current cities and what's next?

The current cities are listed under CHOOSE A TRAIL, but we're growing constantly! To get all the latest news and see where we're going next, follow us on our social media or subscribe to our Sato News.

Can we play 24/7?

Yes, absolutely – no reservations, no hassle! Just get your tickets under CHOOSE A TRAIL and reach the starting location shown in the Sato Code app.

How long does the game last?

The game last on average one hour. In larger cities such as Zurich or Milan, the game usually takes 75 minutes.


How many players?

Sato Code is a multiplayer game, so minimum 2 people. If you are more than 4 you'll play in multiple teams. We highly recommend a staggered start (5-10 minutes).

How do we get started?

Right after buying your tickets you'll receive an email with your ticket code. Type it in the Sato Code app, reach the starting point displayed in the app and start the game. Remember to charge your battery beforehand.

What are the rules?

Everything is up to you, so feel free to experiment, we won't limit your creativity. Want to bring along a DIY R2-D2 and C3PO? We're not stopping you.

Do we need to run?

If you want to beat the record you can, but definitely don't need to. You can use any form of transportation including an e-scooter but, really, for the best experience, just walk!

When do we use our ticket code?

You can type your Ticket Code in the Sato Code app as soon as you receive it per e-mail, or you can wait to be at the starting location. Just don't remove the app from the phone before playing, if you have already entered your code.

What are the minimum requirements for a phone?

You need at least Android version 7.0 or iOS 11.0. Phones older than 5 years might not get system updates. In this case, download the Sato Code App and open it to see if everything works.

What is the Sato Code App and how to download it?

The Sato Code app is your guide along the Trail. It will give different information for each player, let you make choices together with your teammates and help you if you're lost. You can download it for free from the Apple Store and Google Play.


Where and how do we get tickets?

Here on the website, under CHOOSE A TRAIL. You will receive your Ticket Code per e-mail straight after. Check your spam folder too! In the rare case you haven't received the e-mail, let us know by e-mail: hello@sato-code.com or WhatsApp: +41 79 617 85 41

How much are tickets?

Check under each single Trail, between 12 to 14.- per person – or below 10 € in Italy.

Does everyone need a ticket?

Yes, everyone needs a ticket. Sato Code is a multi-player game, each player receives unique bits of information on his or her phone. Sometimes the players get even different challenges.

What is a ticket code and when do we receive one?

You will get your Ticket Code per e-mail right after buying your tickets under CHOOSE A TRAIL. Type it in the Sato Code app to unlock the Trail when you are at the starting location.

Are tickets and teams connected?

No, they are not. A ticket is the entrance to the trail, so to say. Then you can create a team as you prefer – it does not matter if you have bought the tickets separately.

How long are tickets and giftcards valid for?

Tickets and gift cards are valid for 1 year.

Planning an event?

Please refer to the section Groups & Events and get in touch with us.

What about children?

Sato Code is great for kids to develop logical thinking. But the puzzles can be overwhelming. From 10 years old kids can play with parents, from 14-16 years old they can play alone. (Children under 10 without phone do not need a ticket.)

What if...?

What happens if we get stuck?

No worries, you can get some hints in the app.

What happens if I'm phisically impaired?

We try to make it possible for everyone, but not all stations are easy to reach so make sure at least one person in your group can move freely.


Are you hiring?

We've just started, but we are always looking to meet motivated code-breakers. Introduce yourself at hello@sato-code.com

How do I get involved as partner or Sato Code station?

If you have a shop or other venue with an accessible window and would like to become a Sato Code station, or if you have a great idea that you think we should incorporate, drop us a line at hello@sato-code.com. We are also open to any other idea and we love hearing about new projects! Want to discuss something with us? Get in touch!

Do you have press material?

Sure, we will promptly send you press photos, answer all your questions and give interviews. Contact us at hello@sato-code.com or +41 79 617 85 41.

Are giftcards available?

Yes, we have a cool one! Check it out under GIFT CARDS.

In Sato Code, you'll see the city as never before

Sato Code news!

We're going to let you know when new games come out and share interesting insights about the world of Sato Code!

Sato Code

Sato Code is the escape room across the city, that can be played in many cities in Italy such as Bergamo, Como, Varese, Lecco, Brescia, Pavia and Padova and in Switzerland: Lugano, Locarno, Bellinzona, Zürich , Zug and Bremgarten – and more to come soon.

Our escape game is the evolution of the classical escape room. Based on characteristic elements of indoors escape rooms, as riddles and puzzles, but enhancing the game with features of a treasure hunt, city escape and geocaching. Peering around every street corner for clues, you'll feel like you're in a movie!

Every player needs a smartphone or tablet and will receive bits of different and complementary information – a multiplayer game. Our escape room across the city can be played at any time without reservation, being self-guided. However, this is not just a digital escape game, but a real-life game!

Sato Code is great to be played among friends or family, or even just as a couple. Are you visiting a city? Then enjoy Sato Code as a very special walking tour. But our escape room game is also ideal for more than 10 people – even up to 50. So birthdays, bachelor and bachelorette parties or team-building events are perfect occasions too to play the best escape game out there.

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