Escape Room across Bergamo “Colleoni’s Shield”

In 1922, king Vittorio Emanuele III visited Colleoni’s mausoleum. At his request, the tomb was opened. But the coffin of Bartolomeo Colleoni was empty. This is unusual, especially since his mausoleum is one of the most beautiful chapels in Italy. Colleoni was a mercenary general and one of the richest men of his time. The bishop of Bergamo was shocked.

After the king left, the monks examined every niche of the chapel. But the search for Colleoni’s body continued for nearly four decades – till 1969, when a group of researchers from the Lerici Foundation sent technicians with special instruments. The instruments pointed to a spot in the floor, which was then opened. Finally, they found the real coffin containing the corpse well preserved.

Everything confirmed Bartolomeo’s identity, only the shield was missing. The shield of the general has a great importance. In every battle, the shield showed the banner of the general. Since 1969 the search for the shield is ongoing.

A few weeks ago, a coded document appeared. It indicates that Colleoni’s squire might have placed the shield somewhere else…



  • → Minimum 2 people, one smartphone each
  • → Play anytime, 24/7
  • → Tickets are valid for 1 year


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Sato Code

Sato Code is the escape room across the city, that can be played in many cities in Italy such as Bergamo, Como, Varese, Lecco, Brescia, Pavia and Padova and in Switzerland: Lugano, Locarno, Bellinzona, Zürich , Zug and Bremgarten – and more to come soon.

Our escape game is the evolution of the classical escape room. Based on characteristic elements of indoors escape rooms, as riddles and puzzles, but enhancing the game with features of a treasure hunt, city escape and geocaching. Peering around every street corner for clues, you’ll feel like you’re in a movie!

Every player needs a smartphone or tablet and will receive bits of different and complementary information – a multiplayer game.  Our escape room across the city can be played at any time without reservation, being self-guided. However, this is not just a digital escape game, but a real-life game!

Sato Code is great to be played among friends or family, or even just as a couple. Are you visiting a city? Then enjoy Sato Code as a very special walking tour. But our escape room game is also ideal for more than 10 people – even up to 50. So birthdays, bachelor and bachelorette parties or team-building events are perfect occasions too to play the best escape game out there.



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