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Memmo's Legacy

The unlimited Escape Game:

  • Find the secret symbol in a gallery or a message in a graffiti.
  • Everything can be part of this game.
  • Follow the storyline and break codes along the way.

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The story of Memmo's Legacy

Andrea Memmo's Legacy has been hidden for 250 years.

Giorgia Memmo, Luca Pisani e Alberto Cerato are in possession of the three keys needed to open the treasure, but they have no intention to share it with the others.

In 1775 Andrea Memmo's had the idea to build Memmia Island. With the help of his mother, Lucia Pisani, and the architect in charge of building the project, Domenico Cerato, rumors says that Andrea hid a treasure in Prato della Valle. The three keys needed to open the chest were then given to the three families to protect the secret and prevent everyone to claim the prize for themselves.

You've been contacted by the three heirs, they are all intentioned to steal the keys from the other families and claim the treasure for themselves. But which side will you stand with? And how far are you willing to go to get the prize? The choice is in your hands…

Game Highlights

  • Based on the history of Padova
  • You can chose your side
  • Three different paths with different endings
  • Possible to play it multiple times

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The game requires 2-4 players per team

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Icon for StartStart:Prato della ValleIcon for End pointEnd point:Prato della ValleIcon for DistanceDistance:1.6 kmIcon for DurationDuration:~1hIcon for OpenOpen:24/7Icon for LanguagesLanguages:En/De/ItIcon for Team SizeTeam Size:2-4 playersIcon for Min. ageMin. age:12 y/o

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Memmo's Legacy

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Sato Code

Sato Code is the escape room across the city, that can be played in many cities in Italy such as Bergamo, Como, Varese, Lecco, Brescia, Pavia and Padova and in Switzerland: Lugano, Locarno, Bellinzona, Zürich , Zug and Bremgarten – and more to come soon.

Our escape game is the evolution of the classical escape room. Based on characteristic elements of indoors escape rooms, as riddles and puzzles, but enhancing the game with features of a treasure hunt, city escape and geocaching. Peering around every street corner for clues, you'll feel like you're in a movie!

Every player needs a smartphone or tablet and will receive bits of different and complementary information – a multiplayer game. Our escape room across the city can be played at any time without reservation, being self-guided. However, this is not just a digital escape game, but a real-life game!

Sato Code is great to be played among friends or family, or even just as a couple. Are you visiting a city? Then enjoy Sato Code as a very special walking tour. But our escape room game is also ideal for more than 10 people – even up to 50. So birthdays, bachelor and bachelorette parties or team-building events are perfect occasions too to play the best escape game out there.

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