Prof. Albert was shocked. He did not expect that. But it was true. He did it. He found the holy grail of IT security: The backdoor to any encryption.

Prof. Albert published his discovery, without the part on how to actually break any encryption. If he would have published that, the world would be upside down. Without encryption nothing goes: You can’t buy anything online, no more online banking…

So, the world went crazy about the news. Too crazy for him. He preferred to look through algorithms. He could not deal with this turmoil. But somebody needs to take care of . But who would be smart and brave enough?

He had an idea: He would create a series of hints through Zurich. Like in the Da Vinci Code. Whoever is smart enough to decipher all his clues would get Alberts Algorithm, now known as Alberts Door.

The Professor made one final speech and disappeared. And hunt for the clues started. Albert’s Door still remains hidden, waiting to be discovered…


Good to know:

  • – A team needs 2 to 4 players. If you are more than 4, split into more teams
  • – You can play 24/7, 365 days a year
  • – At least one of the players needs internet and can share it with the others via mobile hotspot
  • – The ticket is valid for one year




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