The Sato Guide

A Game without Boundaries

With your team you will discover clues, solve puzzles and accomplish challenges, just like in an escape room. But instead of being confined to one room, there are multiple stations spread over the city.

Follow the Clues

The mission starts usually somewhere in the city-center. There, the first clue is installed. Once you have this puzzle figured out, you will know where the next station is. Each station will be a bit more difficult than the last one. And the final station will be the hardest one.

Crack the Codes

A station could be in a Gallery where Sato Code put a particular painting, that contains a puzzle. Last year, you had to find a console hidden in a shop window and play a certain level to find the clue.

Get the App, get started

Each player is equipped with the Sato Code App on their phone. The app will show you when you’re close to a station, but will also allow you to remote control some of your surroundings or just help you when you’re lost.



Here the 3 steps to enter a new dimension

Get Tickets

Team up with your friends, the team size is 2 to 4 people. If you’re more, create more teams. Choose your trail and buy your tickets

Get the App

Each player needs the app on their phone and internet connection. Be sure to charge your battery before you start.

Go to the Start

You can play anytime, day and night, and decide your pace – a stroll with ice-cream break or set a new record.