A Game Without Boundaries

Your team will discover clues, solve puzzles and beat challenges, just like in an escape room. But Sato Code won’t be locking you up inside a room! We’ll set you to explore the city and find multiple stations.

Follow the Clues

Sato Code starts in the city center. There, you’ll find the first clue. Once your team solves the puzzle, you’ll know where to head for the next station. Each station will be a bit more difficult than the latest, leading up to the final & most challenging of them all.

Crack the Codes

You might find a code to decipher in an art piece or a game to play in a shop window. Any and everything around the city could be a Sato Code station with codes to crack!

Put the pieces together

Sato Code is a multiplayer game. The app will display different pieces of information for each player. As a team you’ll combine them to make it through the game. So, each player should download the Sato Code App. Minimum team size is two players with a phone each.



Enter a new dimension


Sato Code is a multiplayer game. Assemble a team of 2-4 people. Have more friends? Break up into multiple teams and race each other to the end!


Each player needs a ticket. Buy them together or separately, under CHOOSE A TRAIL. You’ll receive in few minutes your ticket code per e-mail. More questions? Check out our FAQ.


You can play 24/7. Just reach the starting location shown in the app. Make sure all players have the app installed, enough battery and internet – or open a hotspot.