Frequently asked questions for schools, associations or clubs

Your class or club can play from age 12-13. Thanks to the hints provided on request in the Sato Code app, everyone will find in the game an appropriate level of difficulty. You will create teams of max 4 participants at the starting location of the game, as indicated in the app.

Yes, the game is designed as multi-player game. Each player receives different bits of information, to be combined to advance in the game. This is why it is important that each player has a phone with internet connection (the game requires only 2 MB data). You can open an hotspot for the ones who do not have access to the internet. Not everyone has a phone? Contact us and we’ll find a solution!

All our games are mainly in pedestrian areas, in the city center. So the students can play alone. But many teachers or organizers play the game too, and have great fun.

The app and the whole games are available in EN/DE/IT. Many French speaking groups played too, using a foreign language, as the texts are not long neither difficult. Basic understanding of one of the languages will be enough. Each player can choose different languages even in the same teams

Yes, it is free to download. You’ll need the ticket code to unlock the specific game you’re going to play. You will not need anything else (maps, papers…) just charged phones.

As school or club, you’ll get 10% discount. As soon as you’ll confirm your booking, we’ll send you the tickets and invoice. Need to cancel? You’ll get the full refund.

Download the Sato Code app